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Remove any cardboard on . 5 ft. Parts in stock and up to 60% off OEM Pricing. ) and small base  Michael Scott wants to know if he can use the Baler? . 2210. com provides numerous search tools, including location, certification and keyword filters, to help you refine your results. Request a Detailed Quote or other information - (Secure Area) Request an Automated Response with general price information . . Specifically designed unit for the textile industry, with a pre-compression lid. BACE equipment meets or exceeds. It has a global presence and provides a strong customer support, which is why it has become more popular in the recent years. Ideal for businesses with limited space, where the volume of waste is low to moderate but cost savings are paramount. A mill-size bale from a hydraulic baler is the most valuable form of baled cardboard. Vertical cardboard balers are invaluable for a lot of businesses in that they decrease the labor time and manpower necessary to break down boxes and can significantly lower disposal costs – and hey, you like to save money! Bace, LLC offers V73-865 - Vertical Baler and other solutions for the This baler can produce bale weightc in excecc of 1,500 lbs of cardboard and 2,200 lbs of non Manufactures recycling balers for paper, plastic & more including horizontal auto-tie balers, efficient packaging two ram balers, & full ejection manual tie balers. FOR VERTICAL BALERS. For example, a 30" baler produces a 30" bale (in width). E. The PAC baler with three different hopper sizes was designed to handle light trim and shredded material producing export quality bales. This low profile space saver hydraulic downstroke baler is engineered to produce dense mill-sized bales, despite the fact that it operates under an 8 foot ceiling and requires significantly less floor space than conventional downstroke balers. Recycling & Cardboard Baler/Compactor Prices in Ohio? Get Prices from Local & Reliable Baler & Compactor Suppliers in Ohio for Cardboard Balers and other Equipment now! We work with a few selected quality approved Recycling Equipment companies in Ohio and they will give you competitive price quotes as well as the best service available. Harmony Has A Vertical Baler Solution For Every Type Of Material, Size, or Industry! Our downstroke balers are known for their durability, reliability, and heavy duty construction. com A worker whose duties included operating a forklift was crushed by 1,600 pounds of baled cardboard. This is a  We carry a full line of verticals from small to big for applications easy to hard. PTR's vertical downstroke baler is designed with the operator's safety in mind. Two-ram baler: A two-ram baler is a baling machine that contains two cylinders and is able to bundle and package most commodities except for cardboard and clear film. Established in 1980 Located in El Paso, Texas. Shop with confidence. The Export Baler produces horizontal bales for a fraction of the cost, in a If bale packaging efficiency is at the top of your list of important baling characteristics, Maren’s Two Ram Balers are just the ticket. Used Box Baler offers a variety of used cardboard balers for sale. What kind of hydraulic oil is the best for hydraulic baler? Or how to purchase the hydraulic oil for my baler? These are the frequent questions from our customers. Know and understand baler safety and proper operations. Know how to safely clear jams and perform lockout/tagout procedures on the equipment. This model is ideal for Retailers, Grocery Stores, Drug Stores, and other organizations that recycle OCC. We can assist you finding a rigger and trucking. 2223. This baler is known for its durability and is able to take in more bulky material. SMALL WASTE BALERS. IQS Directory provides a comprehensive list of cardboard baler manufacturers and suppliers. We wake up every morning with the laser focused goal of Increasing Revenue and Decreasing Expenses for our Customers. Then he fell into the machine. 1) Insert large, flat piece of material (cardboard) across top of bale. Applicable Regulations: ANSI Z245. Commonly called a compactor, the baler differs by having features which allow the compressed material to be tied off into a neat rectangular bale. This brand new 60” BACE Baler Model V63OCC brags structural steel construction, CSA and UL listed components with an external mounted overload reset, side mounted power unit, a heavy duty cylinder, automatic-opening safety gate with a user friendly load height, fixed From the early designs of our box plant balers (early 50’s) thru the 70’s and 80’s with our 10,000, 12,000 and 13,000 series to our current PAC and 29N designs we have been an industry leader. We have a large inventory of parts for balers, compactors, and roll-off trucks to fit all customer needs. We have a shop and office in Chicago, and sales representation in Los Angeles, California and San Antonio, Texas. They are ideal for anybody who is in need of a baling wire that is able to fit certain specific requirements, as they can be cut to nearly every length imaginable. Vertical balers are usually manually loaded and uploaded and can be operated by just one person. Our balers can be used in conjunction with our air separators and sorters, and our industrial waste conveyors. Headquartered in Bellevue, OH, our balers are utilized by clients around the globe. Max-Pak Vertical Balers, Training and Operation, with Digital Controls - English - Duration: 10:21. The prices of basic vertical baling press start around $5,000 dollars, while high-end industrial balers can cost all the way up to $1. BE Equipment provides professional sales and services for all of your baling equipment needs. 5 and 29 CFR 1910. Our vertical baler models can accommodate bales from 100 to 1800 pounds. Bailers we provide include bailing presses, cardboard balers, horizontal balers & vertical balers. BACE is a recognized global leader in manufacturing balers of unmatched quality and reliability. V63HD - Vertical Baler by Bace, LLC. Welcome to the premier industrial source for Balers in North Carolina. Single loop bale ties are commonly used to bundle commodities such as plastic, paper, cardboard, metal, and clothing together in a compact fashion. With the ability to pack more material into every bale, our two ram balers put forth high bale densities to maximize baling, storage, and shipping efficiency. Explusive Partnership to Offer Electrical Services to BACE’s Customers 2019-05-07 13:19:23 Recycling Equipment Manufacturer BACE Teams Up with Rogers BACE LLC, a Charlotte, North Carolina based equipment manufacturer and national service provider for the recycling and waste management industry, and lighting and electrical specialist, Rogers, have formed an exclusive partnership. For many, a baler can be a significant investment. An industrial baler compresses materials into compact bundles for transport. The V63OCC baler is configured for generating mill size, marketable bales of corrugated materials (OCC) while controlling equipment cost. With 75,000 lbs. BALERS. See all our products PTR Baler and Compactor Company offers a wide range of baler models with full U. Join LinkedIn today for free. We at American Baler have built world class industrial balers since 1945. AWE is a distributor for PTR Baler & Compactor, manufacturer of several lines of vertical balers. Our passion for providing safe, quality products and outstanding customer service has made Cram-A-Lot one of the most respected brands in the industry. PHYSICAL. Four 1” . L. waste recycling balers — vertical balers, horizontal balers, 2-ram balers, hydraulic balers, and more. Our baler models can accommodate bales from 100 to 2,200 pounds. Cardboard Baler Troubleshooting Almost every business that make scrap material or recycle foam, plastic, cardboard and other types of waste material use industrial compactors and cardboard balers. Buy online parts for your Balemaster baler. of down pressure in the bale chamber, the MAX-PAK vertical baler easily, and quickly, breaks down cardboard boxes, and creates dense bales. Our extensive inventory of used or reconditioned vertical balers is second to none. bace vertical baler, baling wire, dealers, installation, manuals, models, removal, replacement, service, vertical balers Bace is one of the fastest growing baler manufacturers in the industry. Wow we have two for cardboard and one for plastic, ours are the old school ones tho where you need BACE, how low can you go? death row! so what a brotha know? Balers, Compactors, All Makes and Models, Vertical Balers, Horizontal Balers, Repair Services, Sales, Install,Advance, Bace, C & M, CRAM A LOT, Consolidated  Reliable baler machines to maximize performance, productivity & profitability Let our experts create revenue from cardboard, shrink wrap, paper, packaging We are a licensed dealer of Marathon Equipment, JV Manufacturing, BACE, and   Apr 29, 2019 Vertical (Downstroke) or Horizontal balers, both compress and bale, but balers are ideal for materials like cardboard, PET plastics, and foam. 394. ( ). On the morning of the incident, the victim was operating the baler in the processing All Harmony Enterprises balers and compactors are equipped with numerous safety devices to protect the operator (read more baler and compactor safety guidelines). Our flagship machine, the standard V63HD baler is designed for use in retail stores, manufacturing plants, warehouses, distribution centers or any location producing refuse paper and plastic. Warehouses, distribution centers, retail establishments and more can benefit from recycling equipment, specifically baling equipment, to divert waste streams from landfills and drive down cost saving through recycling. Cardboard Bale Weight: 750- 1600 pounds depending on Model. American Baler; BACE; BALEMASTER; Bramidan Balers; Excel  This includes cardboard balers, trash compactors, containers, motorized and services balers and compactors from dependable brands such as BACE and  Bailers we provide include bailing presses, cardboard balers, horizontal balers At BACE, we set ourselves apart from our competition with our unique  B4 - Efficient small footprint baler: Automatic ejection system. Balers compact waste materials, converting them into a bale or shaped and compacted final product. February 5, 2015 - PTR Cardboard Baler Compactor 6'' Ram 10HP. Open-End Horizontal Baler Series, mid-range to high volumes. whatever you see in the picture is what  Boost the savings and the revenue with a cardboard baler or compactor. In 1978 we manufactured our very first product, a vertical cardboard baler. Remove any wedged cardboard from sides and back of ram. Because Before purchasing a cardboard baler, it is important to take the bale size, and weight into account, as well as the space available for the cardboard baler. Brands PTR, Philadelphia Tramrail, Marathon, Selco, Harris, Bramidan, Vertech, Cramalot, General Hydraulics, Maren, & more Find great deals on eBay for cardboard baler. BACE is the fastest-growing baler manufacturer in the world,. Find cardboard baler companies that can design, engineer, and manufacture cardboard balers to your companies specifications. We carry Canada’s largest selection of vertical balers to meet any application and commodity recycling requirement. Recycling Balers in Los Angeles The recycling and waste management industry in Los Angeles relies on the baler experts in the Fluent’s Dealer Channel. We manufacture balers of the highest quality to deliver long life, superior  Contact BACE To ensure we deliver on the promises of our quality, our service,   28206. We supply baling wire and other baling equipment to the waste and recycling industry. For over 60 years, the American Baler Company has engineered some advanced baling equipment. A co-worker found a victim who had been crushed by a baling machine. Safety, reliability, and value are just three reasons you should choose Resource Equipment Co. What ever you see in the pictures is what you get, no extras. Fully automatic operation including automatic tie-off of finished bales. We offer new and used machines from our partner, BACE Baler and Compaction  IMS offers Cardboard Baler Troubleshooting to companies across the mid-south. Ace Equipment Company is a manufacturer of equipment for solid waste and recycling material, including Trash Compactors, Apartment Compactors, Self Contained Compactors, Front Load Compactors and Vertical Balers, located in Antigo WI. Buy individual parts or complete rebuild kits for you tying assembly, ram assembly and hogger rebuild kits. Fax: 704. These used balers are perfect for recycling cardboard and other materials. Our people are determined to get the total solution for your facility’s needs and materials you process. Rossman tried to clear a jam in a massive cardboard compactor and bundling machine. If BACE’s installer/distributor are not on site at the time of equipment start-up, any Costs, maintanence and leasing a cardboard baler. 146, 147, 212 2 DONOT#INSTALL#OR#OPERATE,#READTHIS#FIRST!# # # # TRASH COMPACTORS AND BALERS # # Vertical)Baler)(6030HD))) Installation,Operating,andServiceManual)) ACEEquipment)Company) Cardboard Balers, Trash Compactors | IN Equip your business with the proper products, including trash compactors and cardboard balers, by choosing our company in Indianapolis, Indiana. For operating guidelines, please refer to your Owner’s Manual you received with your baler or compactor. Used for Cardboard or there is a version that is designed for Textiles. PTR also provides parts, installation and emergency repair service for waste and recycling equipment. BACE Baler. Bale tie off from front of baler (option) Olympic has a complete line of vertical balers in a variety of bale sizes to suit your recycling needs. Through innovative products, industry expertise, and superior customer service, Marathon is the partner of choice for businesses and municipalities who need to quickly and efficiently process solid waste and recyclables. Balers can be used for a variety of applications including the baling of cardboard, plastic P. Our best-selling model is the Ag-mac V75: an affordable baler with a small footprint but a surprisingly large appetite for cardboard and plastic! American Baler Company Bellevue, OH | 800-843-7512. Recycling Equipment Corporation has a complete line of new Vertical Balers in a variety of bale sizes to suit your companies recycling needs. Wired for 480/3/60 service, we can change to 240 if needed. bottles, aluminum cans and siding. Balers that bale cardboard, boxes, paper, OCC ONP, PET, HDPE, aluminum cans and more. The NeverStop flow technology allows the conveyor to dump material into a gather bin where your recyclables are stored until the baler runs through its compaction cycle. bacecorp. T. MORE INFO $4995 and $5245: Sample of our new and used Vertical Balers for sale, Many Balers in Stock. Located outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we offer local service to PA, NJ, NY, MD, DE and can ship and install anywhere. Norton Equipment Co. We design and manufacture balers, compactors and drum crushers of the highest quality to deliver long life, superior reliability, the heaviest possible bales, optimal levels of safety, and the lowest maintenance costs, leading to the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). Vertical balers, such as this Bace Vertical Baler, compact waste and recycling material from above instead of from side to side, as do the horizontal balers. For our Quick Lookup Comparison Chart on 60" Vertical Balers Click Here BALER AND COMPACTION EUIPMENT • OFFICE • FAX • WEB: www. , Inc. Servicing: West Texas, El Paso, Southern New Mexico, Alamogordo, Carlsbad, Deming, Las Cruces, Silver City, Northern México, Juarez and Chihuahua Mexico. com PAGE 6 BACE neither assumes nor authorizes anyone to assume for it any other obligation or liability in connection with such balers, compactors or containers. Follow the procedures to create a new bale. If you’re tired of manually breaking down boxes or you need to replace your current cardboard baler, browse our used vertical balers. In 2004, we revolutionized the industry with the Cram-A-Lot VB-60 – the safest, most reliable, and most user friendly vertical baler on the market today. Jump Back to Overview Page for this Baler. One of our most popular 60” vertical- downstroke units, this high-density baler produces up to 1100 lbs. Marathon Equipment Company is known throughout the world as a leading manufacturer of onsite waste balers and compactors for recycling. bundle and package most commodities except for cardboard and clear film. Bace V63OCC 60" Vertical Baler. MODEL: V63OCC. Web: bacecorp. Department Store Employee Crushed In a Baling Machine (Case Report: 04NY013) Summary. Our team of parts experts can help you choose the right parts for your baler and compactor repair needs. VERTICAL BALER: V63HD. com. approval. The world's leading innovator of recycling and waste industry technology. Simply contact our team or request a quote and we’ll deliver what you need Vertical Baler. We infuse intelligence into every baler and compactor we manufacture and service. We infuse technology into every baler and compactor we manufacture and service. Bace Hydraulic Vertical Baler. Many companies throughout the country use cardboard compacting machines to reduce the volume of cardboard stored on site (companies Keeps bulky cardboard out of landfills; Produces revenue; We offer new and used machines from our partner, BACE Baler and Compaction Equipment. ’s Retail Services Division sells, installs, and services balers and compactors from dependable brands such as BACE and Rudco. Cardboard Recycling Balers & Compactors. With over 70 standard compactor models and 30 standard baler models, we are sure to offer a machine that suits your application. Baler manufacturer and maker of horizontal balers for recycling and industrial baling industry. Bace Baler Safety Video. Rossman, 43, was killed Monday when he was crushed to death in the Contact Us for all your used baler needs including applications for corrugated balers, non ferrous metal balers, paper trim balers, paper scrap baler, textile balers, clothing baler, cardboard bailers and plastic balers. An excellent choice for Cardboard Bailing. When looking for new or used equipment, there are some critical steps to consider based on your facility and the current demands, materials handled and future needs. BE Equipment maintains an extensive inventory of baler parts and parts for other recycling equipment. When you contact our Parts Department, we will locate the requested item and ship it quickly. BACE (Baler and Compaction Equipment) is a global manufacturing firm that designs and manufactures heavy-duty recycling balers, drum crushers, and  SUPERSTORE for New and Used Vertical Balers or Downstroke Balers for sale. Our products and services offer a solution that streamline operations, giving you a greater ROI, while also keeping your backroom clean and organized. PTR Baler & Compactor manufactures Vertical Balers, Compactors, Tippers and Biogreen Composters in Philadelphia PA. of OCC. They are specifically designed for supermarkets, retail chains, hospitals, hotels, malls and more. The volume of materials, the quality, and the bale weight criteria (or bale density criteria) will help you pinpoint the best baler for your recycling program. Many different sizes and voltages available. And it’s the choice of numerous customers who have width restriction in their recycling operations. 506. Let our experts create revenue from cardboard, shrink wrap, paper, packaging material and light aluminum scrap by using a baler. QCR waste balers and compactors save your company time, money and space as well as increasing your recycling - the biggest waste stream for the majority of businesses is cardboard. David P. BACEGroupPhoto 1 8855 5 PTR 1800 Vertical Downstroke BalerThumb, PTR 1800 . International Baler, also known as “IBC” has been an established leader in the industrial balers and recycling equipment industry since 1946. STANDARD 60" VERTICAL CARDBOARD BALER 60-1048 Specifications, Details & Diagram . 5 million. Our most recommended line is from BACE Baler and Compaction Equipment. BACE is the fastest-growing baler manufacturer in the world. cardboard balers, balers, waste handling equipment, compactors, recycling equipment, used equipment, portable welding, GovDeals is the place to bid on government surplus and unclaimed property including heavy equipment, cars, trucks, buses, airplanes, and so much more. Look us up Google. Very low noise level (<60 dB). We are always on the hunt and usually have the cardboard baler for sale, however, they are very durable and businesses are not quick to get rid of them. 208 / 230 / 460 - 3 Phase Fast, efficient, high-density baling system Extra durable, can handle the toughest environments Perfect for supermarkets, distribution centers, or anywhere with lots of cardboard waste! We offer a wide variety of vertical balers for cardboard, paper and plastic, mainly. If you have cardboard, plastic/shrink wrap, textiles/clothing, high grades, E-waste,  Workers loading,operating,or working near refuse compacting or baling paper balers and cardboard box compactors that meet certain operation and of the compactor,and a flattened box was in place in the base of the compactor chamber. The dimensions of the bale size it can produce are 60" wide x 30" deep x 48" high. Speed-Tech Equipment services a wide range of many makes and models of vertical balers. Hydraulic cardboard balers tend to produce a greater pressure and are usually the preferred choice when volumes are larger. Vertical and horizontal cardboard balers; Trash compactors, Pre-Crushers/ Augers EZ Pack, Cynthiana, KY; Bace LLC, Charlotte, NC; Pioneer/Maountain Tarp, . See who you know at BACE, LLC - Baler And Compaction Equipment, leverage your professional network, and get hired. is an industrial supplier of bace balers, baler, baler arkansas, balers, baling, cardboard baler, cardboard balers, closed door balers Hydraulic oil for baler machine. Cardboard Baler Selection Guide A baler is the primary machine for cardboard or corrugated box recycling. This baler has been inspected and repaired by our techs. Full bale indicator light. Georgia Baler and Compactor can supply your company with parts for all brands of equipment. PTR Parts offers the highest quality baler and compactor replacement parts at the lowest possible prices. Single Loop Bale Ties. On March 10 th, 2004 a 32-year-old male department store employee sustained fatal injuries as a result of being crushed by the hydraulic ram of a cardboard baling machine. However, as with most . Calculating size and weight: Typically, most cardboard balers are referred to by the bale size that they produce. We have both new and used cardboard baler, plastic baler, aluminum baler, clothing baler and paper balers. Low overall height (6. When a new machine is not an option, and you need to consider a used or reconditioned baler, our extensive inventory has compactors, cardboard baler, paper baler, plastic balers, etc. Olympic Equipment, is an Authorized Dealer for American Balers, IPS Balers and Harris Balers. It produces bale weights up to 800 lbs of old corrugated cardboard. It was called the Cram-A-Lot DB-60, and since that time we have sold tens of thousands of vertical balers. These companies offer a comprehensive range of Balers, as well as a variety of related products and services. Philadelphia Tramrail PTR 3400HD Right Hand 30 X 60 Cardboard Baler 10HP Located in our Tampa, FL warehouse. Call us at (931) 563-4704 or email us at sales@crind. Please click on a category below to view our full line of baler machines: BE Equipment offers a wide variety of reconditioned and used cardboard balers, metal balers, paper balers, plastic bottle balers, UBC balers, bimetal balers, aluminum can balers, shrink wrap balers, and foam balers as well as other baling equipment and baling systems. Made of the highest quality construction & design, the M60CB vertical cardboard baler incorporates the latest technology, utilizing off the shelf components such as Allen Bradley, Parker Hydraulic val American Surplus deals with both horizontal balers, and vertical balers. AtSource Recycling Systems is one of Canada´s leading suppliers of commercial, vertical baling solutions. Jul 15, 2015 Anchor baler to floor using anchor plates on sides of baler base. We are leading in the global marketplace, and one of the fastest growing suppliers of recycling equipment in the US. Our expertise in applying the right baler for the job has resulted in over 30,000 satisfied customers. Use our website to review and source top cardboard baler manufacturers with roll over ads and detailed product descriptions. Service available in: United States, Hawaii, Mexico, Canada Eastern Lift Truck Co. SINOBALE always give detailed tips to our indeed customers. Baling waste cardboard is an easy, simple and effective way of getting rid of your cardboard recycling nightmares. When space is an issue, this small-footprint baler is just 141” tall, 30” wide, and 48” wide. These balers can create bales of cardboard, paper, plastic / film, non-ferrous metals, rags, cans and many other recyclable materials. W E L D S A N D F R A M E W A R N T Y Recycling & Cardboard Baler/Compactor Prices in Washington? Get Prices from Local & Reliable Baler & Compactor Suppliers in Washington DC for Cardboard Balers and other Equipment now! We work with a few selected quality approved Recycling Equipment companies in the DC area and they will give you competitive price quotes as well as the best se This item has been shown 3 times. Baler BACEics BACE is the fastest-growing baler manufacturer in the world, widely recognized for the highest quality to deliver long life, superior reliability, the heaviest possible bales, optimal levels of safety, extended life, lowest total cost of ownership (TCO), and the lowest maintenance costs. The integrated conveyor system links seamlessly with just about any of our other baler models, allowing a constant flow of material from the feed hopper into the baling chamber. The comprehensive line of Harris two ram balers ensures that you will find the perfect model baler, at the right price, for your specific operation. BACE is the world’s leading innovator of technology for the recycling and waste industry. Max-Pak Balers 15,481 views Understand the potential hazards of a baler. sarojhydraulics- hydraulic baling press machine 28,029 views BACE (Baler and Compaction Equipment) is a global manufacturing firm that designs and manufactures heavy-duty recycling balers, drum crushers, and recycling compactors. They are available in sizes from 30" to 72", bale a variety of materials, and can be configured with a wide range of options. New and select Used / Refurbished equipment available. Often, this equipment is used to bale waste such as plastic, corrugated fiberboard, paper, cans and foil for recycling. Specifically designed for REC, our balers are manufactured by BACE utilizing heavy-duty structural steel on the frame, platen, floor, bridge beam, and cylinder mount, eliminating any structural failures. compacts cardboard to the exact size charges, re-baling costs, preventive maintenance, baling . A baler, most often called a hay baler is a piece of farm machinery used to compress a cut and . Our company is committed to meeting the requirements of the recycling industry. Browse the range of waste management and recycling solutions from Miltek USA. This specific baler produces bales up to 1,000 pounds. Speed-Tech is a distributor and dealer for several manufacturers and can supply you with new or refurbished vertical balers from a small backroom 42 inch unit up to the largest of 60 – 72 inch balers. Our most popular unit is the used cardboard baler. 2, Z245. A cardboard compactor/baler is a fairly pricy investment. We serve a large base of customers in any one of the following groups:. Mil-tek USA's range of air-powered small footprint balers and compactors. whatever you see in the picture is what you get. New Vertical BACE Cardboard Baler - 60" x 30" V63OCC: $9,090. OPERATION MANUAL. Results 1 - 48 of 114 General Hydraulics 60" Vertical Cardboard Baler Trash Recycling . The patent-pending IntelliBACE™ System is just one reason that BACE has become the fastest growing manufacturer of industrial recycling balers in the world. The door open/close mechanism incorporates a 10-inch turnbuckle wheel, joined at two points for ultimate leverage and ease of use. Push relay tight to relay base. ThomasNet. We offer a wide variety of Baler solutions for your business. Phone: 877. Our line of products include Horizontal Baler, Vertical Baler, Two Ram Balers, Auto Tie Balers. Be it a cardboard baler, paper baler, aluminum baler or plastics baler, we have exactly what you are looking for. Our primary objective is to provide you with quality Repair Services and products for Warehouse and Industrial Plants at competitive prices BACE, a global manufacturer of balers and compactors for the recycling industry, has introduced the Export Baler. With service centers in all fifty states PTR is the leading company for Waste, disposal and recycling solutions for corporations. Item Type: Vertical Baler Manufacturer: BACE Model Number: V63HD Last Use: Beverage Dimensions: 60″ long x 48″ wide x 102″ tall Made in 2015, Last used at Beverage Facility for Plastic Wrap and Cardboard, 60″ Vertical Downstroke, Produces up to 1,100 pounds of OCC, Capable of Baling Paper, Plastic, Fiber, OCC and Non-Ferrous Metals, Normal Bale Size 60″ x 30″ x 48″, Bale Volume Buy online parts for your Balemaster baler. For example, if your weekly objective is to bale a few 1,000 pound bales of cardboard, then you can easily pinpoint which cardboard baler is configured best to meet this criteria. We have several options for placing a high quality BACE Baler at your facility as a purchase or a lease. BALING PRESS-baler Paper/plastic/cardboard baler Baling /bundling press machine packing machine - Duration: 1:59. IQS Directory provides an extensive list of vertical baler manufacturers and suppliers. Single-ram baler: A single-ram baler is a baling machine that contains one cylinder. Utilize our website to review and source vertical baler manufactures with our easy-to-use features which allow you to locate vertical baler companies that will design, engineer, and manufacturer vertical balers for your exact specifications. Internationally sold and represented, our balers are designed for reliability, longevity, maximum performance and ease of operation, with operator safety in mind. OZZIE MACHINERY. bace cardboard baler

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